Code Red: Atreia 2014


Our favorite medical crew has been called back to Atreia to hand out special buffs and items to prepare Daevas for the new battles ahead.

Medical camps have been dispatched across the world and will remain until January 29 for players levels 10+. Visit one of these daily camps for potions, scrolls, and stigma shards. The attending nurses will been available for regular booster shots to assist in your everyday adventures.

Возвращение Дворца императоров шиго 2014!


Весь данж проходим в 3 этапа. На каждом из них нужно защищать от монстров три башни, которые находятся в центре подземелья. Монстры не нападают на персонажей и не наносят нам урон, они целенаправленно движутся к башням, чтобы их разрушить. Главная задача - защитить центральную башню "Надгробие императора". Если она будет разрушена, то награду мы не получаем. Перед тем, как запустить первый этап, рекомедуется выставить настройки распределения элитных предметов на "обычное или лучшее". Этапы запускаются и сменяются у Шиго-жреца.

The Aion Community Appreciation Event


With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we have a lot to be thankful for; Aion going on strong for four years, 4.0: Dark Betrayal launching and more. These milestones could not have been reached without our dedicated player base, and as a representation of our thanks, we would like to dedicate this next event to all of you.


- How to Participate - (from November 20 to December 4)

Instance monsters will have a chance to drop Aion Signet Boxes. Signet Boxes will give you a random heart piece, with the Signet Piece: N being slightly more rare. Combine the four required pieces to create the Forged Aion Signet. Open the Signet for a random reward.

  • The instances with the best Aion Signet Boxes drop rate are Sauro Supply Base, Steel Rose (Group),
  •      Eternal Bastion, and Ophidan Bridge.
  • Aion Signet boxes will also be available on the store.
  • Once a day per account, you can pick up a signet box for 1 Ncoin!
  • During the event, watch our social and community sites, where we’ll be giving away not just
  •      boxes, but more prizes as well!
HeartPieceA.gif HeartPieceO.gif
HeartPieceI.gif HeartPieceN.gif

- Prizes -

Collect and Combine the four heart pieces from the Signet Boxes for the following prizes:

  • [Event] Dragon Lord's Wing Box
  • Fabled Godstone Bundle
  • Noble Composite Manastone Bundle
  • [Event] Perky Wedding Dress/Tuxedo
  • [Event] Exotic Wedding Veil
  • [Event] Manastone Bundle
  • Dragon's Medal Box
  • [Event] Protectorate Key Box
  • [Event] Birthday Cake Kisk
  • Stigma Shard
  • [Event] Ancient Crown Bundle
  • [Event] Blood Mark Box

So collect those signet boxes, put those hearts together, and win some great stuff!

Nightmare Circus


Nightmare Lord Heiramune has kidnapped the Queen of Dreams, Yume! Currently in the realm of dreams, Heiramune plans to use Yume’s powers to manifest dreams into a reality so his Nightmare Circus can invade Atreia. Help save Yume and unlock treasures at the Nightmare Circus!

Click here to Узнать больше.

Aion Harvest Revel Pumpkin Carving Contest 2013


While the Harvest Revel spirit hasn’t arrived in Ateria yet, we’re getting the spooky spirit started with our first ever pumpkin carving contest! The top three winning entries we choose will each receive (1) permanent not yet available pet, a Harvest Saam!

- How to Participate -

  1. Carve one pumpkin with an Aion theme. It can be anything related to Aion and please keep it appropriate.
  2. Take a picture of your carving with a hand-written or computer-generated note wishing Aion a “Happy Harvest Revel!” along with your character name and server.
  3. Email your submission to aion_community[at]ncsoft.com with the email subject “Aion Harvest Revel Pumpkin Carving.” In the email body, please include your character name and server.
  4. The picture must not be edited or altered in any way and any submissions deemed plagiarized will be disqualified from the event.

The three carvings that show the most creativity, originality, or that best represent Aion will win (1) Harvest Saam pet. The Harvest Saam pet has 30-storage slots and will alert its owner of nearby enemies.


Event ends on October 31, 2013. Please click here for full contest rules.


Best of luck, Daevas! We’re looking forward to your submissions.