New classes with new Daevic might


The research center within the Temple of Israphel has succeeded in developing new and advanced weaponry by compacting Aether into compressed cartridges that can explode in one direction with a violent force.?These new weapons, the Pistol and Aethercannon, bring an entirely new approach to ranged combat. The Pistol allows the user to shoot almost non-stop, often while moving. The Aethercannon sacrifices fire rate and mobility for devastating blasts of power.?Technists who mastered these weapons dubbed themselves Gunslingers and they used their new weaponry so effectively that even the Crucible and Templars started accepting them as a new class.? Through mobility and sheer explosive power, the Gunslinger could prove to be an exceptional soldier in the coming battles.


Blessed by Lady Siel, the bards of Atreia once used their song to tell tales and bring inspiration to allies.? After Siel�s sacrifice, the bardic voices lost their joy and many went their own way across Atreia.?Those who continued their practice through the centuries found that weaving song with the power of Aether produced astonishing results.? Dubbing themselves Songweavers, these magnificent composers found that they could weaken their enemy's power while maximizing their ally's abilities.? Their contributions to overall victory were acknowledged by the Daevas and Crucible Templars and their song can now be found once again where it belongs: echoed across the battlefield and in the heart of every soldier.