Steel Rose

Not much is known about the Steel Beard Pirates except for the Steel Rake anchoring between Elysea and Asmodae. The Steel Rose, often veiled in secrecy, is now exposed in Pandarunerk’s Delve in Danaria. Sandarinrinerk from Goldrine Limited is building rapport with the pirates by offering supplies and trading crops in exchange for mercenary support. At the same time, she's noticed some suspicious activity with the Steel Rose so she has dispatched a secret agent to investigate.

Danuar Mysticarium

The Danuar Mysticarium is a secret space accessible after capturing the Sillus Fortress. Originally an ancient Danuar library, the Beritra Intelligence Unit now uses the place to research Idgel - often conducting nasty experiments in the process. High security levels and a Research Center Chariman prepared to destroy the lucrative data before it can be stolen make the Mysticarium tricky to infiltrate.

Idgel Research Center

A secret place that can be reached only when the Pradeth Fortress is captured, this ancient Danuar facility was remodeled into a research center after Tiamat's forces captured it. It is now employed by the Beritra Intelligence Unit for researching Ide, the energy source of the ancient Danuar weapons. Reian captives and others are detained as test subjects. It is host to a wide variety of dangers such as deadly traps and the Beritra Blades Unit who dispose of all the Reian captives.

Void Cube

Accessible by capturing the Silona Fortress, the Void Cube was sent airborne during the Great Explosion that occurred while the Danuar were using the ancient weapon. Its internal rooms were buoyed into the air, forming layers of rooms. The Beritra Intelligence Unit became aware of the Void Cube while looking for the whereabouts of the ancient weapon and it has since been their garrison. They built special doors to block the energy of Aether as well as a large Idgel Cube in the lowest layer to collect the Ide.

Danuar Reliquary

Hidden in the Idian Depths, the Danuar Reliquary is an ancient training center where the cursed Danuar Witch Modor is found. Modor was a Danuar witch with a promising future who had been resisting Tiamat’s forces with her lover. With the Danuar’s collapse after the Great Explosion and her lover dead, she hid herself in the old training center and tried to resurrect her dead lover. Her desperate efforts were in vain and the Reliquary has become a cursed place shrouded in ghostly spirits due to her failed necromancy.

Infinity Shard

The ancient Danuar developed a powerful weapon, Hyperion, which uses Ide energy as a means to fight the mighty Tiamat forces. Internal conflicts during the weapons development led to the Great Explosion, causing their destruction. A few survivors succeeded in hiding the weapon in Distorted Time and Space. Beritra had long been eyeing Hyperion, so he started ferreting out its hidden location after the demise of Tiamat. Eventually, Beritra found Infinity Shard while the Elyos and the Asmodians started moving in to prevent his forces from controlling its enormous destructive power.

Sauro Supply Base

Hidden in the mountains, this former Danuar temple was sealed away and lost to history until it’s rediscovery by Sheba, an ambitious Brigade General of Beritra’s army. Hiding this ambition, she persuaded Beritra into using it as the army’s supply base. Sheba is now researching ways to utilize the Idgel present at the base to its maximum capacity while concealing these efforts from Beritra.

Ophidan Bridge

Accessible via the Idian Depths, an armory for Beritra’s forces houses the Runic Siege Gun, powerful enough to lay ruin unto any region in Katalam. To protect the gun, Beritra’s army has created a bridge and erected 4 outposts as well as a special barrier. Elyos and Asmodian Daevas closing in on Ophidan Bridge must overcome these obstacles and destroy the Runic Siege Gun before it can be deployed to attack them.

Danuar Sanctuary

An underground cemetery of the higher Danuar classes, this was a symbolic place of power and status. There are complicated labyrinths designed to ward off thieves in search of the many riches buried here, including an information manual on Idgel usage. Currently, grave robbers seek treasure while Beritra’s Special Intelligence Unit hunts for the manual. The Elyos and Asmodians enter the sanctuary in order to get to the manual first.

Eternal Bastion

Once used as Beritra’s army’s main route to Katalam, this gate was later taken over by the Elyos and Asmodians. In order to reclaim this important gate, Beritra’s army is preparing a counterstrike with massive resources and the Dredgion. The Elyos and Asmodian armies call to the mightiest Daevas for aid. Those who answer must head to the Eternal Bastion, where they will find cannons and other war supplies on the walls to help defend the crucial gate from the sieging forces.

Kamar Battlefield

Kamar, the beautiful city that stood for the long history of the Reians’ many triumphs, fell through rapid changes following Kahrun’s disappearance. Elyos and Asmodians began to openly show their desire to eliminate each other and take control. Reians tried to suppress the hostility, but to no avail. Aware of this strife, Beritra dispatched his forces to attack. While the Elyos, Asmodians, and Reians bickered, the Balaur succeeded in sacking the city. Its long peace broken, Kamar – now a battlefield laid to waste – burns in chaos.