Aion Echoes of Eternity

Приключение начинается

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В древние времена, Катаклизм разрушил башню Вечности. Сиэль, Владычица Времени, отдала свою жизнь, чтобы создать массивный защитный барьер, и этими действиями спасла Атрею от разрушения. Эфирное поле вызвало древние, священные земли вокруг башни, чтобы быть заперты в застое, и изгнали всех, кто будет угрожать неприкосновенности башни.

Одну тысячу лет после Катаклизма, эфирная поле сокращается. С таянием времени, земли вновь пробудился, и катаклизм снова начала медленно прогрессировать и поставить под угрозу существование всех Атрее.

Ариэль и Асфель, почувствовав изменение в неустойчивом потоке Эфира, узнал мощного артефакта в башне, которая может спасти Atreia от пробудил Cataclysm. Однако, используя этот артефакт может уничтожить либо Elysea или Asmodae. Невозможно, чтобы отпустить их вековой ненависти, и заказали полное уничтожение земель у другого.

Как Элиосов и асмодианские силы столкновения вокруг Башни Вечности, обе армии стали понимать намерения друг друга, и активизировать свою войну на выживание.


The hallowed grounds around the twin bases of the Tower of Eternity have awakened from their long slumber. Beasts not seen for a thousand years once again stir, and life in the days of the Cataclysm resumes.

For the Asmodians, Norsvold is a bitter reminder of a more complacent time, and the destruction that the Elyos invited by agreeing to peace with the Balaur. For the Elyos, Iluma represents the holiest of holy grounds, defiled by the Asmodians' barbaric paranoia and insistence on bloodshed.

And yet, there is wonder yet to be found here, and ancient secrets long forgotten - for within the Tower of Eternity itself, at the heart of all knowledge, exists a truth that will reshape Aion's grand creation forever.

Истар Носфольд


Within in the Archives of Eternity lay the memories of your past life - that of the mighty Archdaeva, the forgotten hero of the ancient war with the Balaur. Only by regaining your lost memories and power can you fulfill your destiny. As an Archdaeva you will gain Essence, which can be spent on things such as improving your base stats and learning Archdaeva-only skills.


Terraskin: For a time, gain increased shock resistance and take less damage as your HP decreases.

Terraform: Remove all debuffs.


Hydropulse: For a time, heal HP whenever you receive damage, with a chance of removing debuffs.

Waterbind: Inflicts water damage on nearby enemies and immobilizes them for a time.


Incinerate: For a time, all non-AoE attacks inflict damage on enemies near the target, and you reflect damage back on attacking foes.

Detonate: Transport 15m backwards. Creates a fiery explosion damaging multiple enemies near your original location, and recovers your HP.


Windfall: Removes all movement related debuffs and increases resistance to immobilization and speed reduction for a time. Attack range increases and attackers' movement speed is reduced.

Mercurial Blast: Quickly move forward.


  • Boundless Item Set

  • Indigo Phoenix Item Set


Armor Set

Golden lions and ruby crystals are the hallmark of this item set. Evoking dignity, courage and honor, march into battle and have nothing to fear.

Boundless Armor Set


Armor Set

As its name implies, the reincarnating bird of legend graces this item set. With a cold flame and the phoenix's piercing gaze, these items will strike fear into the heart of even the most stalwart foe.

Indigo Phoenix Armor Set